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long weekend in May

Last weekend was a long weekend in Azerbaijan with lots of celebrations. Saturday, the 9th of May, was Victory Day, celebrating the victory of the Soviet Army over Nazi Germany in WWII. And Sunday celebrated the 92th birthday of Heydar Aliyev with the annual flower festival in Baku. In case you have never heard of HA (not AH!), do your homework and come back – sorry, but we are in Azerbaijan.
And it was also the last day of the bike tour through Azerbaijan.

We went for breakfast to our place in the Old City and on our way home we were lucky to see the bikers. Shortly before they arrived at our location, pedestrians were allowed to cross the street – it somehow reminds me of the “Abbey Road” cover picture, though it is Baku and they walk in the wrong direction.
Abbey Road in Baku

And only a few seconds later the main field of the bikers roles through.

But of course the flower festival is all over Baku to celebrate the man. Last year I went to the most prominent places during the day – the Heydar Aliyev Park was just too crowded to get in and I enjoyed the flowers at Sahil Park and Winter Garden.
This year I went out in the evening. Being late made the access to the major location much easier. The festival was still in full bloom, though the little boy does not look too happy to pose for a picture taken by his parents.

The ideas of the festival’s designers are quite intriguing

and this year saw new motives with the soon to celebrate first European Olympic Games.
flower festival27

Sahil Park saw already the end of the celebrations and people harvested the flowers and women made wreaths to adorn their heads.

And it seems to be an art in itself to get everything needed and arrange it in the right way.

People picking the flowers from the exhibitions creates a strange feeling – it leaves the carefully designed artifacts vulnerable and it looks as if they have a disease like mange. And it is us humans who are the parasite.

And how to make the choice from which artifact to pick your flowers and what to pick?

And there is certainly a sense about the exhibits, which cannot be touched.
flower festival14

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