Dear visitor, thanks for your interesting in this blog. I left Baku in July 2015. I still post occasionally post from the archive. As time has moved on, I’d appreciate some comments, in particular by those who are in Azerbaijan and share with us what has changed.


Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, the land of fire. This blog explores the life in Baku, the Absheron peninsula and the regions of Azerbaijan from the perspective of an expat living in Baku.

Most of this blog is about the normal life in Baku and Azerbaijan, rather than the recent stunning architecture and shiny downtown of Baku.
An important part is meeting local people and experiencing their hospitality and warmness. It is amazing how welcoming the local people are – let me give you an example. I walked with a friend in narrow lanes in an old neighborhood, we turned around a corner and saw an older woman. We exchanged the greeting of salam and her next words were: Do you want tea?

Much of my explorations occur on tours, where I walk through a neighborhood. As Baku is rapidly transforming with much construction going on, old neighborhoods being destroyed, much of what I see today may not exist any longer tomorrow.

The pages are a portfolio of walks in Baku and trips to the Absheron peninsula and the regions. Posts are more like snapshots of life in Baku and Azerbaijan. You are welcome to join my excursion online and in real life.


There are many lenses to look at Azerbaijan. With my geographic lens I distinguish between Baku, the capital, the Absheron peninsula, the host and immediate region around Baku and all other regions. The other lens, or better focus, are the people, how they live today, but also their history and culture and of course the…

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Baku is a hidden gem on the crossroads of East and West on the Caspian Sea. Its name is supposed to mean “city of winds”. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. It is located on the Absheron peninsula, the “head” of the Azerbaijani eagle, in a bay at the Caspian Sea. It is the largest…

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The shape of Azerbaijan resembles an eagle and the Absheron peninsula is its head, reaching into the Caspian Sea. The Absheron peninsula is a semi-desert and saw the world’s first exploitation of oil resources. Baku lies in a bay on its South and the Absheron is the first territory to explore from Baku. It hosts…

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Azerbaijan, though small, is diverse in its climate and geography. In the East is the Caspian Sea, in the South the sub-tropical Talysh mountains, in the Northwest the Caucasus with high mountains, lowland in the West as well as inaccessible mountaineous territory due to the conflict with Armenia and the exclave of Nakhchivan bordering Iran,…

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3 thoughts on “Land of Fire

  1. I’m happy to find you now on wordpress!
    never forgot the visit in your little apartment talking with my wife and daughter about your photography. Glad, that you have cats now!

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